4 Things that are better to buy on Cyber Monday

Did you let go of the madness and chaos of Black Friday sales this year? Although some of the discounts may have been tempting, you’re probably thinking that it’s not worth the trouble of battling the crowds and having a family Thanksgiving dinner entirely with an off-brand TV for a few hundred dollars.

If you want to counter this with shoppers within the comfort of your home without physically struggling with the hordes of shoppers, you’ll be pleased to know that Cyber ​​Monday sales are just as good (if not better) ) than some Black Friday deals.

1. Clothing and Shoes

If you’re gearing up for the winter season and you’re planning on refreshing your year-end wardrobe, Cyber ​​Monday is a great time to snag great deals on winter wear. Most online clothing and footwear sites like Amazon and Zappos usually offer substantial discounts on coats, sweaters, boots, and jackets with free shipping to boot on Cyber ​​Monday. Discounts range from 30 to 75 percent, so it’s wise to stock up.

2. Small Kitchen Appliances

Blenders, microwaves, mixers and coffee makers are always big hits during Cyber ​​Monday. Small kitchen appliances make perfect gifts and purchases during the holiday season because it’s usually the time for big cooks and feasts. It’s better to wait and look for big online discounts for these kitchen essentials and sitewide appliance discounts on Cyber ​​Monday.

3. Computer Parts

Online computer and office supply stores such as Newegg, Office Depot, Dell and HP regularly have Cyber ​​Monday sales where you can find great discounts on computers, computer parts, and computer accessories. Expect to save on peripherals and parts like printers, memory, storage, video cards, keyboards, mice and speakers this day.

4. Travel

This was not always the case but airlines, hotels and online booking sites are now offering great deals on Cyber ​​Monday. If you’re planning on booking vacations soon and are flexible enough with dates and destinations, check out Cyber ​​Monday for up to 50 percent off on domestic flights, hotels, and other holiday bundles.

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