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Who is the hardest person on your Christmas list to shop for? For many people, it is their children.

We’re not talking about toddlers, school-age kids, or even teenagers. Those are your handy gifts, aren’t they?

You’ll buy them smartphones, tablets, laptops, video game consoles, clothes and, of course, socks and underwear! But what are you buying for your grown-up children, especially those with homes and families?

It gets difficult. If they have a spouse and kids, they’re already shelling out tons of gifts on Christmas morning, including electronics, clothing, and gift cards.

We have a great gift idea that will surprise your grown-up kids and give them a sense of security for an entire year. Have you thought about getting your adult children a home security system?

Our sponsor SimplySafe is an affordable, easy-to-setup home security system that you can build for each child. You can fully customize the SimplySafe system for apartment dwellers, with all-inclusive features like SimplyCam, motion-detector, frost detector, flood detector and much more for your kids living in larger homes.

easy setup

We know When you think of home security systems, you go to bed – we all do.

However, SimplySafe isn’t the old-fashioned system that bothers you. SimplySafe is a wireless system that takes many families less than an hour to set up.

That’s right, you have set up SimplySafe yourself. They are wired old fashioned systems and are difficult to set up.

If you’ve ever had one of those older systems, you know that installing it just ruins your entire day. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with a technician who spends hours banging, drilling, hammering, screwing, and cutting.

Old-fashioned home security systems are a big hassle. There is no SimpliSafe – you’ll have your system setup in minutes.

It starts with plugging in your SimplySafe base station. It has a backup battery and is the only component you plug in.

Talk about simple. As soon as you plug in the base station, SimplySafe will begin to walk you through setup: “Welcome to SimplySafe.”

Customized Home Security

Your kids will be the first to set up the keypad after the base station. It has an LCD-backlit display that is easy to read.

Then your grown-up kids can customize their own SimpliSafe. If they have a large home with many windows, doors, and rooms, they may want to install an entry sensor, motion sensor, video camera SimplyCam, smoke detector, carbon monoxide sensor, and more.

You can build your own system. Or, better yet, you can buy a package like the 18-piece SimplySafe Leader.

Sponsored: Teens Home Alone? How can you make sure they stay safe

It is a fact of life these days. If you are a parent, you will need to leave your teen alone at home from time to time.

For some of us, you often have to leave them alone at home. Either way, you can remotely monitor your home when they’re alone, so you know they’re safe.

Updated: October 17, 2021 — 7:24 am

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