Sponsored How to back up all your digital devices

Like most people these days, you probably use multiple gadgets on a regular basis. You access important files on your office computer or laptop, take family photos and videos with your smartphone, type multiple documents on your tablet and perhaps have an entire media library on your home computer.

Now, think about all the data you can’t afford to lose. With all those gadgets, just think about how much data you’re creating on a daily basis. Files you may not even realize are important until disaster strikes.

It would only require a bad virus or hardware failure, and you could lose it all. Even something as simple as losing your device, or having water damage that renders your device inoperable. This is why it is so important to back up your important data.

Get more out of your backup service
Obviously, backing up a single device doesn’t cut it! what about your phone? your tablet? your laptop? your hard drive? And what about devices for each member of your family?

You need something that keeps everything secure in a single account. That’s why we recommend our sponsor, IDrive!

When you sign up for IDrive’s Universal Backup, it’s easy to protect every device in your home. Simply install the software on the gadgets you want to cover and manage your account from a single user dashboard. The data for each device will be organized into separate folders in your account.

Universal Backup for IDrive covers all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Plus, you can take advantage of social media backup tools and create a secure archive for the posts, photos and videos you share on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Backing up all your devices and social media accounts may seem like an ominous task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Creating an IDrive Account
Creating an IDrive account is very easy. Simply visit this link (you get a special Komando.com discount if you do), then enter your account and billing information, choose your plan and you’re in!

Once you’ve set up your IDrive account, just download and install the IDrive app for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile apps for iOS and Android to get started.

When you log into your IDrive app for the first time, you’ll notice that some folders are already set up for backup. Since this is an automatic backup service, personal folders like Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Videos and Music are already selected.

To add more files, folders, and drives to your backup selection, simply click the “Change” button and then add the desired location to your backup set.

You can then either click the “Backup Now” button to back up all files immediately or set a day, time, and frequency of your backup jobs via IDrive’s scheduler.

Besides apps, there’s an even easier way to add files and folders to your backup set. Simply right-click on a file or folder and you can “Add to Backup Set” and “Backup Now” directly from your Windows File Explorer.

IDrive on Mac works in much the same way as the IDrive application on Windows. It will also pre-select your personal folders (Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Library, Music, Movies and Pictures) for automatic backup upon login.

You can also change and add files and folders to your backup set by clicking the “Change” button, “Back up now” and set the day, time, and frequency of your backup tasks via the Scheduler.

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