Karuna Yojana 2023

Karuna Yojana 2023

Karuna Abhiyan 2023: Under the guidance of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel, Karuna Abhiyan 2023 will be held across the state till January 20 to save birds injured by kite strings and treat injured birds during Uttarayana Parva.

Information about the scheme

As Gujarat is the first state in the country and the world to launch this campaign for the protection of endangered species, Spokesperson Minister Mr. Rishikesh Patel has appealed to everyone to participate in this campaign and not to fly kites before 09:00 am and after 05:00 pm.

Post Name: Karuna Abhiyan 2023
State: Gujarat
Helpline No.: 1962
WhatsApp Helpline: 8320002000

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Key points

  • Karuna Abhiyan launched across the state to treat injured birds during Uttarayana Parva – Spokesperson Minister Shri Rishikesh Patel.
  • Karuna Abhiyan 2023 will be held till 20th January to save and treat birds injured by kite strings.
  • Spokesperson Minister appeals to everyone to participate in this campaign of Jeev Daya and not to fly kites before 09:00 in the morning and after 05:00 in the evening.
  • Minister Shri Rishikesh Patel’s request to the people of the state to avoid the use of Chinese thread in the festival of Uttarayan.

Karuna Yojana 2023

Giving the details of the campaign to be held in the state, the minister said that Gujarat has taken an excellent start in the country by starting Karuna Abhiyan in the state from the year 2017 and taking a new approach of sensitivity. Under this campaign, in the last six years, more than 70 thousand birds have been saved in the state by providing timely treatment.

The Minister said that during this Karuna Abhiyan 2023, which will be operational till January 20, every day from 07:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m., not only that, control will be implemented by the Forest Department in all talukas, 333 NGOs in 33 districts Joined this service.This year, more than 865 bird diagnostic centers, more than 750 doctors and more than 8 thousand volunteers are working in the state to save birds. For this, the details of the district-wise bird treatment centers can be called on WhatsApp number 8320002000 for the treatment of injured birds.

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