Gujarati Shop Assistance Scheme 2023

Gujarati Shop Assistance Scheme 2023: The government of Gujarat always implements new schemes for its citizens. Due to which the very poor and backward class people of the state are getting a lot of assistance. Today we have one such scheme Scheme for Small Business Owners of SC Castes to Buy a Place. of Business-Shop 2022 is going to be talked about in detail.

Many types of schemes are being run by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment of the Government of Gujarat. Many schemes are also operational in many other different departments of SJED branch. In which many types of schemes are also working through the Directorate of Scheduled Caste Welfare and the Directorate of Developmental Caste Welfare Branch. And all these schemes of the government are running on their e-samaj Kalyan Portal.

Shop Assistance Scheme- Highlights

Name of the schemeBank loan scheme for small traders to take up shop/premises
Assistance10 lakhs at 4% simple interest loan and subsidy of Rs.15,000/-
ObjectiveSmall businesses can provide employment and thrive in Scheduled Caste communities
BeneficiaryScheduled caste people
Type of applicationOnline
ContactDistrict Social Welfare Branch Prosecutor

Objective of Shop Assistance Scheme

This assistance is for scheduled caste people of the state. Because the SC caste people can come forward in the society, their economic development and they can come forward in business employment, this scheme has been implemented.

This assistance is a bank subsidy assistance. In which people who need a shop or a place to start a business, they get a subsidy of 10 lakh rupees from the government and a subsidy of 15,000/- rupees. And this loan is to be paid at a nominal interest of 4% only. Which is very low interest compared to any other type of business loan.

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Eligibility for availing this scheme

This assistance is provided by the Social Justice and Empowerment Department of the Government, Gandhinagar for the people of the State Scheduled Castes to purchase a shop/place for business employment. Beneficiaries who are eligible as per below will be eligible for this subsidy assistance.

  • Beneficiary should be native of Gujarat state
  • Beneficiary must belong to scheduled caste
  • The beneficiary has to maintain a shop/place for business in this urban area.
  • Loan assistance is given to the beneficiary only for the purpose of shop or business at one place.
    Cottage Industry Support Yojana and Vajpayee Bankable Yojana Sadar Bankable Yojana Sadar Yojana are implemented in the state.
  • In this scheme, technical, educated unemployed, unemployed mill/factory workers, people with professional experience and self-employment qualifications residing in the state will be given priority in this assistance. HIGHLIGHTS

Rules of Shop Assistance Scheme

  • Loan subsidy will be disbursed only after 3 months of shop opening.
  • In this bankable assistance, the beneficiary will be given a maximum loan of 10 lakhs.
  • In this loan, the beneficiary has to pay 4% simple interest on Rs 10 lakh and the interest above 4% will be paid by the government to the bank.
  • Loans/assistance are also provided for shops/business premises allotted on long term rent by State Government or State Government owned Boards/Corporations, Urban Development Authorities, Local Self Government Bodies or Gram/Nagar Panchayats. But the shop/business premises will have to be mortgaged to the government till the loan amount for the allotted shop/business premises is repaid.
  • For this loan, the beneficiary has to submit proof that the title of the land on which the shop is to be built is clear and the land is non-cultivated.

Evidence to avail the benefit of this scheme

This scheme is run by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment of the Government of Gujarat in which the online application has to be made on the esamaj kalyan portal. In which the following supporting evidence has to be submitted.

  • Aadhaar card of the beneficiary
  • Election card of the beneficiary
  • Beneficiary’s residence proof (any one of electricity bill/ licence/ tenancy agreement/ election card/ ration card)
  • Beneficiary School Leaving Certificate or Birth Certificate
  • Copy of beneficiary’s bank passbook or canceled cheque
  • Copy of Beneficiary’s Land Agreement or Deed
  • Beneficiary’s Obligation Form

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