Black Friday deals now on Amazon

Attention shoppers! Don’t miss out on these incredible savings.

We’ve got a glimpse of the savings of up to $30 on some of this year’s most in-demand Christmas gifts. No matter what you’re shopping for, whether family, friends or coworkers, they’ll be thrilled to open these hot tech tools.

Amazon is launching more Black Friday deals starting this Sunday, November 19th!

The online shopping superstore will have deals all the way up to Christmas, but not every deal will last.

So, here are some of the biggest money-saving Black Friday deals you’ll be able to snag in just a few days. You’ll be glad you did.

Kindle Paperwhite

Can you imagine how the faces of your family members look when they open this high-quality, state-of-the-art tablet? It’s Amazon’s best-selling e-reader, and for good reason.

It makes reading your favorite books a pleasant experience. The Paperwhite, available in black or white, weighs in at just over 7 ounces—that’s less than a small stack of paperback books.

Amazon has worked hard to make this Kindle easier for your eyes. The high-resolution display has twice the pixel count as the previous generation Kindle, with 300 ppi (pixels per inch).

This means that the images you are seeing and the words you are reading are crisp. Plus, there’s no glare on the 6-inch display, so you’ll almost never have to adjust your screen for better reading conditions.

The Paperwhite also has a built-in front light as opposed to a backlight that shines at your face. The front light makes it easy to read your favorite books.

The Kindle Paperwhite has 4GB of storage, four LED lights, battery life lasting for weeks when used for about half an hour every day, with Wi-Fi and free cell connectivity.

Amazon Cloud Cam

May you give peace of mind to your family this Christmas. Now, this is a gift they will cherish.

Cloud Cam works with Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa. So you can control it with your voice.

You can remotely monitor your home and interact with your family 24 hours a day. You can watch Cloud Cam live stream from the app or from your Amazon Drive account.

It alerts you if it detects motion in your home. Who is that? When you see it’s your kids, you can use its two-way audio to let them know you’ll be home soon. “There’s pizza in the fridge.”

Or, if Cloud Cam detects an intruder in your home, you can immediately call 911 to get to the police. Criminal caught!

Cloud Cam shows 1080p high-definition video. It also has eight infrared LED lights, so you can see pictures in the dark.

eco plus

Talk about a hot Christmas gift. The Amazon Echo might be the hottest gift this year, with all the other voice-activated, hands-free, internet-connected home hubs now on store shelves.

Amazon Echo is original. The Echo Plus has more bells and whistles. You can turn on and off lights, plugs, switches, and locks from compatible brands like Zigbee Lights, Philips Hue, Yale, and GE.

It has 360-degree sound for your favorite songs or when you’re making a hands-free phone call. It uses beamforming, noise cancellation technology, which means it can hear you no matter where you are.

“Alexa, order pizza. Oh, and can you light the lights?”

Updated: December 16, 2021 — 11:38 am

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